Justine Willis Toms Justine Willis Toms has spent more than thirty-five years studying and practicing how to manifest what has purpose and meaning and how to sustain these qualities in these troubled times. The power of sitting in circle with "friends of the heart" is a core practice to live our "true work." Participants in Justine's workshops have experienced the magic of sitting in circle and being "seen" and "held" in a loving and affirming way. It is in the field of this safe container we can speak and listen from our deepest authenticity.

She is available for both one-day and two-day workshops as well as keynote talks. Email for more information.

"What the world needs now are more people living and working with joy and passion. This is our life assignment. Living with enthusiasm and joy is the greatest contribution we can make to the health of our community and life on the planet."
-- Justine Willis Toms

Living in Balance: How to Find Grace in a Chaotic World Workshop